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【Foula】Longer Extension Coating

USD32.40 USD10.80
  • 1002001361

Coating essence for eyelashes extenion caring.This...

【Rroir】Eyelash Coating (Brush Type)

USD37.80 USD11.88
  • 8001001150

Coating essence for eyelashes extenion caring.Appl...

【Rroir】Clear Coating Essence 10ml

USD32.40 USD14.04
  • 1104000631

Excellent Lash Coating Essence has been created to...

【Foula】Coating Mascara

USD32.40 USD11.88
  • 1002001362

This eye mascara gives u define look that won't ma...

【ASUNARO】helcos Coating Treatment Gel 11ml

  • 8001008581

◇ Specifications ◇・NET:11g・Color :clear・Place of o...

【BLINK】Crystal Drop Lash Coating (Pen Type)

USD32.40 USD16.96
  • 8001004318

FeaturesThis Crystal Drop Coating not only gives t...

【Foula】Eyelash Coating (Pen Type)

USD37.80 USD11.88
  • 1002001359

Coating essence for eyelashes extenion caring.Appl...

【BLINK】Crystal Drop Lash Coating(Brush Type)

USD32.40 USD16.96
  • 1001000029

Crystal Drop Lash Coating with Hyaluronic acid ing...

【BLINK】Black Diamond Black Coating (Brush Type)

USD32.40 USD16.96
  • 1001000030

Brush type design! Black coating! Blink Crystal Di...

【ASUNARO】helcos Eyelash Revolution Black 11g

  • 8001008580

◇ Specifications ◇・NET:11g・Color :black・Place of o...

【BLINK】Black Diamond Black Coating (Pen Type)

USD32.40 USD16.96
  • 8001004322

FeaturesStyling and Coating for eyelash extension....

【LADY COCO】Luster Coating Black

  • 8001008593

◇ Specifications ◇ ・Volume:10ml ・Color:Black◇ Prod...

【LADY COCO】Luster Coating Clear

  • 8001008592

◇ Specifications ◇ ・Volume:10ml ・Color:Clear◇ Prod...

【LASHDOLL】Black Coating

USD24.84 USD21.60
  • 9006000008

Black Coating offers a thicker,more vivid look; pe...

【Miss eye d'or】Essence Gloss Coating

  • 8001010299

Eyelash Extension Exclusive Essence Gloss Coating....

【Beauty Products】Japan Made Lash Coating

  • 9003000005

Tips of use: Be careful do not run into the eye. T...

【Foula】Eyebrow & Eyelash Tonic & Essence

USD64.80 USD28.08
  • 1002001367

FeaturesEyelash & Eyebrow Tonic/Essence is special...

【AIVIL】Excellent Lash Coating 10ml

USD21.60 USD15.12
  • 8001011011

【Features】Silk-based protein and Vitamin B3 which ...

【max2】Clear Coating

USD34.56 USD18.01
  • 9006000010

The color is clear so that it can coat the eyelash...

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【tecnico】Lash Grandir Coating (Brush Type)

  • 8001003890

◇ Specifications◇ ・Volume:6ml ・JAN code:4571351133...