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【Foula】Crystal Glue Plate

USD9.08 USD3.63
  • 1002001329

Beautiful crystal stone keeps glue cool and fresh ...

【Foula】Eyelash (Case) with Cap

USD38.88 USD14.13
  • 8001003252

◇ Specification ◇ ・Size:110×55mm ・Place of origin:...

【Foula】Eyelash Glue Plate (Jade Stone)

USD5.19 USD2.99
  • 1002001328

Jade stone can prevents the adhesive from harderin...

【Foula】Crystal Glue Plate With Coating

USD22.04 USD15.30
  • 1002001330

Crystal stone has the same advantages as the jade ...

【Foula】Crystal Lash Plate (Cap 50pcs)

USD25.92 USD18.15
  • 8001004967

Separate lashes into parts or portions. Product de...

【Foula】Glue Plate Sticker 100pcs

USD38.88 USD12.09
  • 8001003513

Prouct details ・Size:Diameter 56mm ・Unit type:100p...

【Foula】Glue Ring for Eyelash Extension x10pcs

USD15.56 USD7.26
  • 8001004969

Disposable Glue Rings can feet any size,they are e...

【Foula】TEFLON Glue Mat 1pc

USD19.44 USD12.71
  • 8001006476

FeaturesWill keep your glue cool so that glue will...

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