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【Foula】Japan Made Ethyl Pro Glue 5ml

USD76.56 USD45.94
  • 8001009937

FeaturesAdhesion and tenacity is the world's leadi...

【Foula】Japan Made Ethyl Pro Glue 10ml

USD128.70 USD77.22
  • 8001011343

Features Adhesion and tenacity is the world's lead...

【amass Bona】Medical Safety Glue 5ml

USD92.40 USD42.24
  • 8001015456

Japan-madeavailable using oil make-up removersuper...


USD76.56 USD36.30
  • 8001017651

【Features】* Low odor · Low irritation; Curing time...

【Foula】Pigment Glue (Clear) 【Ultra bond・Quick drying】

USD66.00 USD35.64
  • 1002001324

Pigment Glue * Clear version!!Can last for 5 more ...

【Foula】Fast Glue 3ml

USD22.18 USD15.84
  • 8001015874

Dry Time:1sec

【Foula】Eyelash Extension Glue Bottle

USD3.30 USD2.38
  • 8001004605

Plastic bottle for refill eyelash glue. Each set i...

【Foula】Glue Aluminium foil Pack (Desiccant x1)

USD4.76 USD2.38
  • 1104000603

FeatureLight-shielding properties and moisture res...

【Foula】Pigment's Plus F Glue 【Ultra bond・Quick drying】

USD92.40 USD36.30
  • 1002001323

F Glue Pigment's Plus is for professionals who can...

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【Foula】Practice Mannequin Head for Eyelash Extensions

USD36.96 USD17.16
  • 8001014454

Flat Head Mannequin for Practice of Eyelash Extens...

【Foula】Lash Nano Mister

USD66.00 USD47.52
  • 8001016127


Nano Misters harden the e...

【amass Bona】V&C Glue

USD92.40 USD47.00
  • 8001017652

【Foula】Ethyl Glue (Ultra Fast) 5ml

USD66.00 USD42.24
  • 8001004906

・-・-・ Features ・-・-・Ethyl Glue with Great durabili...

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