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【Nichiban】SKINERGATE Under Lash Tape 1 Roll

USD2.73 USD2.60
  • 9004000013

Popular ultra-low irritation surgical tape.As this...

【Nichiban】SKINERGATE Under Lash Tape (1 Box 24 rolls)

USD51.84 USD38.63
  • 1104000625

◇Specifications ◇ ・Size:W: 12mm L: 7m ・Place of or...

【3M】Baby Skin 1 Box (24 Rolls) Surgical Tape

USD51.84 USD39.92
  • 8001004947

Features3M Micropore Tape. A latex free hypoallerg...

【Nitto】Yukiban Non woven (White) 1 Box (24 Rolls) Medical Su...

USD51.84 USD37.59
  • 1104000626

Yukiban Non-woven Tape (24 rolls) 12mmx7m

【Nitto】Yukiban Non woven (White) 1 Roll Medical Surgical Tap...

USD2.73 USD2.60
  • 9004000014

Yukiban prevents Keratin releasing which causes sk...

【Nichiban】Paper Adhesive Tape 9mm×10m 1 Box 10 Rolls

USD18.15 USD6.23
  • 9006000022

The tape is flexible and perforated,has high moist...

【Nichiban】Paper Adhesive Tape 9mm×10m 1 Roll

USD2.34 USD0.78
  • 9006000021

Paper adhesive tape which uses Acrylic adhesive on...

【3M】Gentle Fix (Low stimulation) 1 Roll

USD2.73 USD2.47
  • 9006000019

◆Color: Light blue◆Material: Synthetic rubber adhe...

【Nichiban】SKINERGATE?MESH Tape 1 Rolls)

USD2.73 USD2.60
  • 8001003516

Ultra low irritation. Well air permeability due to...

【Nitto】Yukiban Plastic 1 Box (24 Rolls) 12mmx7m

USD51.84 USD38.63
  • 8001004334

FeaturesTransparent and innovative adhesive surgic...

【3M】Baby Skin 1 Roll Surgical Tape

USD2.73 USD2.60
  • 8001004948

◆Color: orange◆Material: 3M original adhesive tech...

【3M】Gentle Fix (Low stimulation) 1 Box (12 Rolls)

USD20.22 USD19.96
  • 9006000020

Gentle Fix TapeThis product is good for sensitive ...

【Nichiban】Keep Pore Tape 1 Box 24 Rolls (Light weight & Brea...

USD51.84 USD38.63
  • 1104000627

Keep Pore A (24 Rolls) High Breathability

【3M】 Micropore 1roll Surgical tape

USD3.24 USD1.95
  • 1002001342

【3M】 Micropore 1roll Surgical tape

【Foula】 Baby Cotton Swab

USD3.89 USD2.47
  • 8001003874

◇ Specification ◇ ・Place of origin:China ・JANCODE...

【Medidea】Surgical Tape Cutter 12mm (White C)

USD11.67 USD8.64
  • 8001004608

FeaturesYou can open and close with one hand,prett...

【Foula】Formaldehyde Block Stationary Type

USD22.68 USD9.08
  • 8001014383

Put for clearing formaldehyde and VOC. It can abso...

【Nitto】Yukiban GS 1Box(24 Rolls) Medical Surgical Tape

USD51.84 USD39.92
  • 1104000629

Yukiban GS Surgical Tape (24 rolls) 12mmx9m

【Micro Brush】Disposable Micro Stick (100pcs)

USD19.44 USD11.11
  • 9015000001

Used for remover or pretreatment!A little bit diff...

【Foula】Kumano brush for eye shampoo

USD32.40 USD19.44
  • 8001013139

Material: Mountain wool Kumano Brush for eye shamp...