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  9. 【Foula】Premium Mink (Case) J-Curl 13mm×0.10mm

J Curl

【Foula】Premium Mink (Case) J-Curl 13mm×0.10mm

【Foula】Premium Mink (Case) J-Curl 13mm×0.10mm

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◇ Specification ◇・Color:Black・容量:16 Rows ( around 3200 pcs~3600 pcs)・Place of origin:Vietnam・Material:PBT ◇ Product details ◇The great variation in Japan over 756 different kinds of Mink eyelashes!!Made with high quality fine polyester,new manufacturing method achieves a soft and flexible perfect curl for each and every lash.Convenient and easy picking with well arranged eyelash.◇ Kind ◇Over 108 kinds of choices.◆ Curl 3 kinds・J Curl: Natural curl!・C Curl: Glamorous curl!・D Curl: Dramatic curl!◆ Length 12 kinds【Size】・6mm・7mm・8mm・9mm・10mm・11mm・12mm・13mm・14mm・15mm【Length:Mixed Size】・MIX (6mm 7mm 8mm 9mm)・MIX (10mm 11mm 12mm 13mm)※The perfect size of under lashes is 8mm.◆Thickness 6 kinds・0.10mm: ThinType!・0.12mm: Average thin Type!・0.15mm:The most popular thickness!・0.18mm:For a natural mascara look!・0.20mm:More attractive thickness!・0.25mm:For a more striking and glamorous look!◇ Notice ◇・Keep out of reach from children.・A little bit difference of color,curl,thickness and length depending upon the manufacturer.・Specification and Label design may be change without notice.・For exact model(s) and color(s),please refer to the actual product.

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