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【NichiBan】Paper Adhesive Tape Smooth Surface (1 Box/10 rolls...

USD18.48 USD6.08
  • 9006000022

The tape is flexible and perforated,has high moist...

【NichiBan】Skinergate for Lower Eyelashes (1 Box/24 rolls)

USD52.80 USD35.64
  • 1104000625

◇Specifications ◇ ・Size:W: 12mm L: 7m ・Place of or...

【Nitto】YukiBan Non-woven Tape (1 Box/24 rolls)

USD52.80 USD38.02
  • 1104000626

Yukiban Non-woven Tape (24 rolls) 12mmx7m

【Medidea】Surgical Tape Cutter with cover (Pink A)

USD11.88 USD8.85
  • 8001004606

FeaturesYou can open and close with one hand,prett...

【Medidea】Surgical Tape Cutter with cover (Pink B)

USD11.88 USD8.85
  • 8001004607

FeaturesYou can open and close with one hand,prett...

【NichiBan】Keep Pore Tape (1 roll)

USD2.78 USD2.64
  • 9004000015

Breathable tape with micro pore structure.Good for...

【Medidea】Surgical Tape Cutter with cover 12mm (White)

USD11.88 USD8.85
  • 8001004608

FeaturesYou can open and close with one hand,prett...

【NichiBan】Keep Pore Tape (1 Box/24 rolls)

USD52.80 USD39.34
  • 1104000627

Keep Pore A (24 Rolls) High Breathability

【NichiBan】Paper Adhesive Tape Smooth Surface (1 roll)

USD2.38 USD0.80
  • 9006000021

Paper adhesive tape which uses Acrylic adhesive on...

【NichiBan】Skinergate for Lower Eyelashes (1 roll)

USD2.78 USD2.64
  • 9004000013

Popular ultra-low irritation surgical tape.As this...

【NichiBan】Skinergate Mesh Tape (1 roll)

USD2.78 USD2.64
  • 8001003516

Ultra low irritation. Well air permeability due to...

【NichiBan】Skinergate Mesh Tape (1 Box/24 rolls)

USD50.16 USD39.08
  • 8001003518

◇ Specification ◇ ・Size:Width 12mm Length 7m ・Plac...

【Nitto】YukiBan GS Tape (1 Box/24 rolls)

USD52.80 USD35.64
  • 1104000629

Yukiban GS Surgical Tape (24 rolls) 12mmx9m

【Nitto】YukiBan GS Tape (1 roll)

USD2.78 USD2.64
  • 1104000628

Adhesive agent is soft gel type.Although the tape ...

【Nitto】YukiBan Non-woven Tape (1 roll)

USD2.78 USD2.64
  • 9004000014

Yukiban prevents Keratin releasing which causes sk...

【Nitto】YukiBan Plastic Tape (1 Box/24 rolls)

USD52.80 USD39.34
  • 8001004334

FeaturesTransparent and innovative adhesive surgic...

【Nitto】YukiBan Plastic Tape (1 roll)

USD2.78 USD2.64
  • 8001004332

Protect stratum corneum.Not harsh on the skin. Hi...

【3M】Micropore Surgical Tale (1 roll)

USD3.30 USD1.98
  • 1002001342

【3M】 Micropore 1roll Surgical tape