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【Foula】Japan Made Ethyl Pro Glue 5ml

USD62.64 USD37.59
  • 8001009937

FeaturesAdhesion and tenacity is the world's leadi...

【Quality Lash】Quality Glue Pro For Professional (Polyester m...

USD131.66 USD77.76
  • 8001009661

Professional beautician highly recommend! Eyelash ...

【Foula】Flexible Glue For 3D 10ml

USD68.04 USD41.04
  • 8001009938

FeaturesLong-awaited!!Volume Lash Exclusive Glue N...

【Foula】Pigments Japan Ethyl

USD62.64 USD31.86
  • 8001010615

◇Specifications of glue:Made in Japan Pigments Glu...

【Foula】Super Pigment Glue (Black)

USD54.00 USD29.70
  • 8001013172

5 weeks hold time, best seller item in Japan.

【AIVIL】Premium Eyelash Glue (Professional)

  • 8001006869

AIVIL Premium Eyelash Glue1. Professional eyelash ...

【Candy Pocket】Ultra Strong B Glue 2 (Made in Japan) 10g

  • 8001009114

Features【Candy Pocket】Ultra Strong B Glue-2 has be...

【Foula】Ethyl Glue (Ultra Fast) 5ml

USD54.00 USD34.56
  • 8001004906

・-・-・ Features ・-・-・ Ethyl Glue with Great durabi...

【ASUNARO】Hyper DX Glue 3ml

  • 8001008570

◇GlueFor professionals, but can be used by beginne...

【LASHDOLL】Professional Glue (Ethyl、Fresh、Quick Drying)

USD74.52 USD39.15
  • 9006000004

Target for professional artists.(Ethyl・Silky・Dry r...

【Foula】Pigment's Plus F Glue 【Ultra bond・Quick drying】

USD75.60 USD29.70
  • 1002001323

F Glue Pigment's Plus is for professionals who can...

【Foula】Pigment Glue (Clear) 【Ultra bond・Quick drying】

USD54.00 USD29.70
  • 1002001324

Pigment Glue * Clear version!!Can last for 5 more ...

【Hamazaki】JP Glue Power 5ml

  • 8001009478

FeaturesThe main ingredients of this high grade gl...

【Beauty Products】Japan Made Glue Quick Dry 2pcs/set

  • 9003000003

Rapid drying Extension Glue. This glue contains "B...

【Candy Pocket】Wing Lash B Glue (Black)

  • 9007000011

・-・-・ Features ・-・-・ Smooth and silky,good adhesi...

【Hamazaki】YOKOZUNA Glue Ultra Bond・Quick Dry

USD48.00 USD39.09
  • 8001004750

FeaturesEthyl Cyanoacrylate Glue. It is a new glue...

【LADY COCO】Wonder Glue L-grade

USD84.24 USD70.20
  • 8001004956

FeaturesIt has a deep black turnout,it is recommen...

【Beauty Products】Japan Made Glue Quick Dry x 1

  • 9003000169

Rapid drying Extension Glue. This glue contains "B...